Ghost is just not enough! I’d heard good things about Jekyll for sometime now, so I decided to check things out and host my blog on Github Pages.

I ran into a few issues

  • Github Pages does not support setting a custom domain for a user site (master branch) without affecting all project sites (gh-pages branch) of that account. I wanted to added the custom domain blog.vinaygopinath.me to the blog repository while keeping the username.github.io/project demo site for ngMeta, but apparently that is not possible with GitHub. A support member suggested that I set up my blog as a project repo, as a workaround for the all-or-nothing redirection.

  • Jekyll does not seem to have support for paginated categories. I intend to split this blog into categories like travel, tech and other. While it is possible to list out posts in a category, pagination does not support categories just yet. I hope a future release adds this feature. I’m not sure about the Jekyll community ecosystem - perhaps there’s a plugin that already does this.

Previous Blog

The previous incarnation of this blog lives in WordPress land and has my posts about AngularJS, Android, Ubuntu and other tools and frameworks I’ve worked with. You can check it out here